On Tuesday we have three film tips for you: an intimate portrait of upcoming transgender father Freddy Seahorse, in which documentary filmmaker Jeanie Finlay questions the basic understanding of gender, parenting and the family community, then an exciting documentary about the last days of US marriage law The Freedom to Marry (will be intriduced by director Eddie Rosenstein) and finally Brazilian melodrama of Armando Praça Greta about love destined for the dramatic end, which was nominated for Teddy Award at this year's Berlinale. We believe that you will choose!

If you do not yet know what to choose for Monday night, we have two tips for feature films in the main competition: a psychological drama about love and a sensational drama from the dance environment of traditional Georgian society. We show the films in a row at Světozor cinema.

The end of the weekend is made for the American film To the Stars, which we screen on Sunday, November 10, from 6:00 p.m. in the Světozor cinema. In all its fine-spun detail, the story told by director Martha Stephens conveys a black-and-white, almost dreamlike existence. At first glance it might seem remote to us yet it still tilts a mirror towards today’s world. Pay no mind to the opinions of others--just be yourselves and come and see one of the most distinctive female films of this festival season.

On the occasion of Mezipatra's 20th birthday, five personalities of Czech queer culture who are inseparably connected with the festival recollect their favourite films in a special retro section Reunion

On Thursday we started the 20th edition of Mezipatra Queer Film Festival that will continue until November 14. Then, it will move to Brno, where it finishes on November 22. Find out what you should not miss.

Milé návštěvnice a návštěvníci festivalu, rádi bychom vás informovali o (ne)přístupnosti našich festivalových míst. Ačkoliv podporujeme diverzitu genderu, orientace, vyznání, kultur a všech projevů identity, některá festivalová místa bohužel fyzicky nepřejí těm, kteří mají určitá tělesná omezení, a festival se tak pro ně stává nekomfortním.

Mezipatra is not just about films! This year's accompanying program will include a workshop on the benefits of porn in sex education, a discussion with the headliner of the biggest party of the festival DJ Killa on harassment in clubs, or a separate program on the film industry. And of course we wouldn't take your favorite parties from you!

At the 20th Mezipatra you will again meet many guests from abroad who will come to present their film, participate in discussions or play at our party. Who can you look forward to?

Head of the programmers team Sandra Hezinova revealed which films she is looking forward to (most of all) this year. We recommend you not to hesitate with buying the tickets. It is known that Sandra's tips have sold out many cinemas!

Intensity, care and empathy, mistakes, and the darkness we carry within – these are the topics of 39 short films from all over the world. They have successfully created their own film universes and preserved the diversity that is so important in today's world. They might be pitted against each other in our competition, but in reality, they are on the same team. This year, in addition to traditional thematic blocks, we will also present a block of animated films.

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