Intensity, care and empathy, mistakes, and the darkness we carry within – these are the topics of 39 short films from all over the world. They have successfully created their own film universes and preserved the diversity that is so important in today's world. They might be pitted against each other in our competition, but in reality, they are on the same team. This year, in addition to traditional thematic blocks, we will also present a block of animated films.

The protagonists of the gay block called Love Field Intensity have decided to make the most out of the pleasure of meeting new people, reflecting on the various expressions of love. But love is also associated with mistakes and mishaps, as the protagonists of the lesbian block of And They Lived Happily... know very well. The block A Family Is a Derivative of Listening will enchant you with its mature view that is inherent in the topic of family. And you'll learn that caring is also important among friends in the Partners in Crime block. The creators of the activist block Now or Never know that film is a tool, and they're not afraid to use it. They've decided to boost people's courage and fight for their beliefs in hostile environments. You'll learn about the grim side of life and our psyche in the dark compilation of Endangered Species.

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Hope and wild playfulness rule the animated What I Dream AboutThe medium of animation is not the only thing these films have in common. To model or paint the moments that are stuck in our memory for some reason is also a great therapeutic tool. The filmmakers literally put things in motion through their work, and replay their wildest fantasies. But don't be mistaken, the heady glamour of the animating effects hides real human victories and failures, not anything from a toyshop.

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