On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, the closing ceremonial of the Prague part of the 23rd Mezipatra took place, during which we found out this year's winners. The winner of the feature film competition was  Five Devils in which little Vicky is using her supernatural powers to reveal the past of her mother and the mother's sister in law. 

The awards for the best feature film, the best short film and for the film chosen by the audience were designed by the duo DECHEM.

Apoorva Satish
Apoorva was born and raised in Chennai, India. After finishing her MFA at FAMU (Prague), Apoorva premiered her thesis film, Kanya, at Busan International Film Festival. Kanya was also a semifinalist in the 2021 Student Academy Awards, placing Apoorva in the top 7% of the total number of entrants globally. Apoorva's core interest as a storyteller lies in creating character-driven narratives that explore identity, freedom, and other contemporary social themes. 

Bohdan Zhuk
Bohdan Zhuk is a programmer for the Kyiv IFF Molodist with education in linguistics and professional background as translator, journalist and radio host. Among others, he curates its LGBTQ+ program Sunny Bunny. Bohdan also manages international events of Molodist dedicated to Ukrainian films at other European festivals, works in the selection team of the BEAST IFF (Porto) and translates films for national releases and festival screenings.

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