The starting line for queer people is different than for the majority – we must first discover and realize who we really are. For most of us, this is followed by coming out to those closest to us, and then every other coming out throughout our lives.


The protagonists of ten feature films are standing at a crossroads which might lead to heavenly heights as well as to bitter tears. Rule 34 shows a young lawyer’s obsession with dangerous sexual desires. Passage and Bones and Names reveal the cracks in long-term relationships and misguided decisions. The main protagonists of Blue Jean and All That Silence might live happy lives with their girlfriends, but each must deal with a different hurdle.

We find ourselves at some crossroads throughout our whole life. Sometimes, they’re tiny, like choosing an outfit for the day or what movie to go to. But other times, they can shake our world fundamentally. The protagonists of this year’s film selection are at a crossroads without any clear signs of direction.

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